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Download Java game Gothic 3 The beginning for mobile phones

Game Gothic 3 The beginning
Game Gothic 3 The beginning
uploaded: 2013-10-21
in section: |Games Role|
»» game for the Java platform
Game description (machine translation):
Plunge into the world of mobile version unique spectacular role play. Its action is more than 140 years before the events of the first part of a series of Gothic. Your character is a young Xardas, whom one night is visited by the ghost of Butomara. He asks you to find four of the elect, which should help you bring magic to the island Khorinis. By this time the dark forces of the cruel orcs possess incredible strength fleeces power! Only you can save the world Gothic! u000du000aGame features "Gothis 3-The Beginning", you will be able to:-access to various locations in Honorise and Tirith; u000du000a-communicate with game characters in the search for clues in the course of the adventure, to haggle with merchants and acquire from them the best weapons, armor and equipment for travel; u000du000a-fight hundreds of monsters and develop their own skills to more then use more powerful weapons; u000du000a-Learn how to use the ancient forbidden magic to gain enough power to complete the job; u000du000a-find and gain priceless riches; u000du000a-picking locks, open chests, and find rare treasures; u000du000a-stop and continue at any time as Sentinel is the AutoSave option.
For screen 240x320 of this game is not!
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